Dividual: divided among or shared by a number.

Dividual is a practice of research and design at the intersection between architecture, urban planning and landscape.

Based in Rotterdam, Dividual has engaged in a series of projects that challenge the actual development of the contemporary environment, making obsolescence a design opportunity.
From outdated business parks in Rotterdam to water infrastructures in the Atacama desert, Dividual has developed strategies that turn architecture relics back into active part of the city and the territory.

Dividual work has been awarded a Special mention in Europan 15 (Brainpark Rotterdam) and was one of the six shortlisted projects (Working gardens) for Superscape 2020.

Dividual is Andrea Bit and Maciej Wieczorkowski.

Andrea Bit (1992) graduated in Architecture in Ferrara IT.

Before founding Dividual He collaborated with UMWELT in Santiago for a project of a new water infrastructure for the Atacama Desert.

In Rotterdam He worked for ZUS on a variety of projects among which the P1 Amsterdam proposal for a new water leisure facility in the city of Amsterdam and the art installation New New York Icon for Storefront Gallery, NYC, US.

At MLAplus He designed the winning proposal for Kop van De Singel in Schiedam.

Andrea Bit is a registered architect in the Netherlands, with registration number: 1.200710.001

Maciej Wieczorkowski (1990) holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture from Technical
University of Delft.

He is experienced with working on projects of various scales at architectural and urban design offices in Poland and Netherlands.

He worked for ZUS in Rotterdam on multiple urban planning and landscape projects such as Almere duin and District
E in Eindhoven, before joining Kcap, where he was involved in many housing projects in the Netherlands.

Maciej Wieczorkowski is a registered architect in the Netherlands, with registration number: 1.210929.002